Ødipus REC.

Music theatre

Gare du Nord, Basel / 18. – 19.01.2020
Tojo Theater, Bern / 23. – 25.01.2020

Ødipus REC. is a newly composed musical theatre, which, starting from the key encounter of Oedipus with Theresias, reinterrogates the ancient myth for its topicality. The starting point? – An unconventional, dramatic setting:

Theresias – woman and man at the same time, mother of four children and infallible seer – and Oedipus – ruler of Thebes, liberator of the city, foundling, but arrogant investigating judge – meet in this iconic scene – but they do not truly encounter each other. It is about Oedipus’ guilt, about the blind spot of one’s own sight, about the unsaid and the unheard. It is also about impossible mutual understanding, about their non-communication and about unsolicited answers to unthinkable questions. Above all, however, it is about two worlds whose opposing relationship could hardly be more relevant:

The world of the visible, a world of “overexposure,” of (blinding) glare, of visual abundance, and of obviousness that we know only too well; a world of Facebook timelines, Twitter channels, memes, infomercials, and Google image floods.

And opposite: The world of the invisible, the blind seeing, a being far from superficial categorizations, (for) speaking for all those who perish in the always current sea of images, for everything that is not represented in them or simply can no longer be perceived.

The questions that have arisen for us from this setting are more topical than ever:

How can two absolutely opposite systems understand each other at all – How does such a meeting work? How can we – for example in a visually completely overstrained information society – move away from pure, passive, uninvolved watching towards an active, committed insight?

With Thomas Douglas | Michael Taylor | Ensemble Lemniscate: Ellen Fallowfield | Miguel Angel Garcia Martin | Gilles Grimaître | Azra Ramic | Daniel Moreira

Artistic direction The Navidsons Maxine Devaud | Maria Huber | Ole Hübner | Tassilo Tesche | Till Wyler von Ballmoos

Stage direction Till Wyler von Ballmoos | Dramaturgy Maria Huber | Scenography Tassilo Tesche Composition Ole Hübner | Production management Maxinthewood Productions

A Produktion by The Navidsons in Coproduction with Gare du Nord, supported by Pro Helvetia | Ernst Göhner Stiftung | Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art | Kultur Stadt Bern | Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung SIS | Gesellschaft zu Ober-Gerwern



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