Der Schuss von der Bühne

Reading & performance

Theater Winkelwiese, Zürich / Do, 26.04.2018

The performance Schuss von der Bühne is based on an excerpt from the reformation novel Two Lives by Lorenz Langenegger. Till Wyler von Ballmoos choreographs the text for the stage and composes the theme melody for the scenic oratorio. The novella is presented by two performers as a performative reading with music and show effects. It is suitable from the age of 12 years and has a total duration of 59 minutes.

The opera is about a successful warlord and an encounter with himself during an excursion on his boat on Lake Zurich. In the course of the story we learn details about the historical figure Hans Rudolf Werdmüller and about the fact that Switzerland is a very successful export nation. Not only for cheese, chocolate, watches and silk, but also for weapons.

Der Schuss von der Bühne is a death story, a swan song on the illusion of a peaceful world, a pamphlet of killing and a lament about the magic of black powder. We would like to kindly draw your attention to the fact that the legally permitted limit of 135dB pulse noise is exceeded once during the performance.

The second part of today’s entertainment programme shows how proactive action can ease the Swiss soul soaked in a guilt. The play wants nothing, sees nothing and can do everything. We are the salvation from the ugly bitter reality of dying. How sweet and sad it is to live in this cosy nest on earth!

by and with Lorenz Langenegger & Till Wyler von Ballmoos