Jeg mangler en del

Music theatre

Teater Bloom, Copenhagen / 22.10 – 3.11. 2013
Teater ZeBU, Copenhagen / 4.11.2013 – 30.6.2014

Jeg mangler en del is a music-theatrical tribute to collector’s universes. A place, where stacks of Swedish road maps grow into towers along the walls; where kitchen drawers overflow with pens and where 78 cacti on the windowsill block all sunlight. Meet three people who’s perceived existence depends on the completeness of their collections when Theater Bloom invites you to explore the driving force behind collecting – and suggests an answer to what exactly is so important about one missing piece in a collection?

Stage director Till Wyler von Ballmoos | Text Caroline Malling | Set design Mina Lejbølle | DJ / Composer Turkman Souljah | Production manager Nanna Sofie Bjerre Jelsgaard

Actors Luna Christensen, Niels Erling