Performance with the public in public space

Stadttheater Münster und Stadtraum Münster / 30.5. – 6.6.2019

Under the motto “Careful, fragile!” within the framework of the theatre festival NRW Theatertreffen 2019 and with regard to 70 years of democracy in Germany, 70 years of Basic Law (in German: “Grundgesetz”) and 30 years of reunification, the participatory performance DER AUFBAU has been realised. The four-day action in the urban space of Münster (Westfalen) addressed a simple invitation to the audience: to create objects for a functioning democracy from residual wood and old stage sets with combined forces. The campaign combines three demands for a future society worth living in: creating dialogue, promoting collaboration, living diversity and reoccupying squares. 

This form of community-building led to spontaneous collaborations with passers-by* inside the building to create diversity in the form of temporary wooden objects, in various conversations to critically examine current political processes, and in multiple authorship to reoccupy publicly accessible spaces and squares.

Concept Till Wyler von Ballmoos & Sebastian Däschle
Production Maxine Devaud (Maxinthewood Productions) | Stadttheater Münster