Theatermaschine Giessen / 1.6. – 3.6.2016

Parallel to the video projection, which shows the absent performer Kristian Hverring from the Riga Russian Theatre to the foyer of Lothringer 13, we set up a second live transmission during our performance in Munich. Under the title the navidson records revisited, visitors to the 2016 Theatermaschine in Giessen were able to watch a live stream showing the perspective of composer Ole Hübner at The Navidson Records in Munich. In contrast to the video work with Hverring, the focus here was not on making the spatial distance unclear; the audience was not left in doubt about where Hübner was located. The work played with the temporal “withdrawal”, because the live image made it clear to the visitors in Gießen that they were not experiencing this moment in Hübner’s life live.

Concept The Navidsons | Scenography Jakob Boeckh