Music theatre as an art installation

Münchener Biennale / 29.5. – 3.6. 2016
Konzerttheater Bern / 8. – 11.9. 2016

The Navidson Records is an attempt to transfer a highly complex feeling into a music-theatrical topography. A feeling that consists of many feelings and has to do with one’s own past and with the strategies and longing to master this feeling and not to get lost in complexity and unpredictability. And therefore none of the 7 hours of each performance is the same as the others. Everything seems extremely fragile and is constantly shifting. Each spectator has the free choice to explore the rooms of The Navidson Records for himself or to be guided by one of the inhabitants or both.

Someone opens a door Something is concealed behind it. At this moment the situation at Lothringer13 spins out of control. For “The Navidson Records” 18 performers and a choir emblematically develop together the concept of a labyrinth with the help of texts, music, and choreography By means of a cross-media and extensive installation the performance examines that moment when the situation tilts, that moment between when one feels at home and this everyday familiarity collapses. What should we do when we suddenly are in nothingness and are nowhere?

This uncanny moment can represent situations when we believe we are lost and thrown back on our own. ln a mutual performative-musical exploration the performers investigate with the audience the morphogenesis of unsafe situations. An open-work process will be selected for the production and the performance, deliberately taking into account the intermittent loss of orientation.

The constant question is: Which decisions do we have to take, when we arrive at nowhere?

Singers Andries Cloete, Michael Feyfar | Musicians Noémie Brun, Marie-Clémence Delprat, Béatrice Gaudreault-Laplante, Katelyn King, Lana Kostic, Sibill Urweider, Ruben Mattia Santorsa, Estelle Costanzo | Choir der chor under the direction of Auður Jónsdóttir | Participant observer Leo Dick

Artistic direction The Navidsons
Till Wyler von Ballmoos | Space and video installation Tassilo Tesche | Composition Ole Hübner, Rosalba Quindici, Benedikt Schiefer | Sound Artist and Performance Kristian Hverring and Kati Linek | Electroacoustic composition Cyrill Lim | Production management | Maxine Devaud