Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart / 16. – 17.12. 2016

What happens when we meet the first time? What happens after we said our last words? If we loose our words, what will we do? If we loose our actions, what will we be?

The piece by Cássio Diniz Santiago and Till Wyler von Ballmoos is elaborating on farewells, the surprise of short-lived moments and the fragility of encounters. What is the poetic meaning of the void left by something or somebody that has vanished? Does a new encounter necessitate the acceptance of a farewell? How does one deal with abandonment and forlornness?

They lived and laughed and loved and left is based on the artistic research of a relationship between two persons. The development of the relationship between the two performers, Cássio Diniz Santiago and Till Wyler von Ballmoos, is the basic framework of this play. Being separated geographically the two artists exchange approximately 200 letters as a part of their work process. These letters became the main focus of their research, exploring differences in cultural background, identity and their understanding of the world, and coming from a South American and European perspective, respectively. This performance is showing the unintentional humour to converse in lingua franca, the implications of prejudices and the struggle to simply understand each other. They play with fractions of their biographies and pursue a narration for the encounter with the other beyond classic narratives. The wish to overcome borders and become one unit is the constant, compelling force on a journey of acceptance and refusal.

For upcoming presentations, the performance will be developed with two new performers as doubles/alter egos of Cássio Diniz Santiago and Till Wyler von Ballmoos. The casting of the doppelganger focus on visual approximation and their diverse cultural background. The chosen ‚alter egos’ should possibly differ in age, gender and social milieu from Cássio and Till. All four performers will be present in the show.

They lived and laughed and loved and left is site specific. All the locations and the context mentioned in the spoken text are referring to the specific venue and the biographies of the performers. Therefore the spoken part, including the letters will change according to the next venue and body doubles. As soon as it is agreed to show They lived and laughed and loved and left, Cássio Diniz Santiago and Till Wyler von Ballmoos will start a conversation with their doubles over letters, including the specificity of their living context and personal stories.

Artistic direction Cássio Diniz Santiago & Till Wyler von Ballmoos | Dramaturgy
Charlotte Thieroff | Performance Cássio Diniz Santiago und Till Wyler von Ballmoos, N.N.



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