Devised theatre

#1 TRY – OUT, Forsøgstationen, Copenhagen / 16.5.2014
#2 TRY – OUT, Teatret ved sorte hest, Copenhagen / 22.7.2014

This is not a description – Directors notes about THIS IS NOT A SHOW
This is not a show and still work in progress. We develop and sharpen the work as soon as we have the possibility, with a minimum material requirements.
We started out by asking ourselves what we like. The actors loved movies. And because we didn’t have a writer on the project, everyone shared their favourite movie scenes. This personal choice of everyone created a lively compilation of text, choreographies, songs, attitudes, ideas and finally created the foundation for specific characters on stage. We began to compose and play around with the collected materials in order to create a devised show that is work in progress for a future performance.
At the time of writing, we have 45 minutes of scenic events, a script, 3 actors and a director. We think, that is a good starting point for more.
What we do is making an offer towards the audience. There are many things that can be different. We see this as a chance. A chance to work further on this project. But we don’t want to create this performance alone. We want to stay as close to the audience as possible. The show is an invitation to work on a show together with you. We want to know what fosters interest to work further on this.

This is not a synopsis 
„It is better to be a king for a day, than a shmuck for a lifetime“
Three men are waiting for a show. We are all waiting for a show. These three men start to play in an universe of quotes, mainly quotes from films. In this universe, quotes are used in order to hide something from each other or show ones dreams. These three men are working on stage in order to shorten the waiting time. The side product of this work could be poetic.
It is about who we are and who we wanna be.
It is about feeling important, even for just a moment. It is about dreams, hopes, desires.
It is about alienation and fanaticism. It is about taking risks. Risks that can encourage others or show one’s desperation.
It is about trying and failing.
It is maybe a show about who fails the best.
It is maybe a show about escaping from where and who we are now.
It is about rules. Rules of how we should or shouldn’t be. But also rules about what is right and wrong in theatre.
It is about lustfully go against these rules.
And it is maybe the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

This is not production plan
We want to work on this project. Therefore we need time to rehearse and a place to work. We need at least:
1 room, preferably with white walls
3 rehearsing days
1 presentation with audience
3 chairs
1 fresnell-lantern, min 1000W power
1 living-room-lamp on a stand, 1.20 m
The material we bring ourselves is: two boom boxes, a computer, a playlist of sounds and a script.

Artistic direction Till Wyler von Ballmoos | Actors Gustav Scavenius, Michael Boye, Niclas Kølpin