Yokainoshima – fragment


YOKAINOSHIMA – FRAGMENT is a music performance laboratory about the act of othering and alienation and examines the figure of the ‚Wild Man/Wild Woman‘. Within the framework of a residence at LOD muziektheater and Bijloke Music Center the artistic team did a material research on otherness by working with the difference between object and subject between the known and the unknown.

The other and the unknown can bewitch us, frighten us, and at the same time we admire and envy its power. Today, social, hegemonic orders are getting fragile. Demonising „the other“ becomes more and more a violent practice of demonstrating the legitimacy of a symbolic and materialistic hierarchy. We are asking: Who or what is “the other“? What makes you fear the unknown? What kind of manifestations of demonising we do not see in everyday life? How to deal with determination and processes of othering? How can this violent practice be tackled without itself becoming inappropriate violence? And finally: How does „the other“ enter our mind, our body and space?

Concept Till Wyler von Ballmoos, Nikolaus Witty | Set design Calle de Hoog | Performance Nikolaus Witty

In collaboration with Frank van Eycken (perc) and Astrid Stockman (voc)


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